Sunday, 10 February 2019

Change to my 16 DLI Website Address

The old address for my 16 DLI 1940-1946 site is suddenly defunct, so from now on the address of the main page will be:

Content should mainly be as before.

However, the site was first published way back in 2004 and I'm still using the same ancient software, so there will be quite a few dead links and errors while I rebuild some of the bits that went missing in re-uploading the pages.

Use the site's Freefind search engine to find anything you're looking for that comes up as a dead link.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Pte J B Hindmarch, 4464321, 16 DLI POW Group Photograph

Pte J B Hindmarch, 4464321, was wounded and taken POW at Sedjenane, Tunisia in late February-early March 1943 and was subsequently a POW in Italy, at Hospital camp PG 206 and in Germany, where he was assigned the POW number 6151.

Stalag 18A was one of the camps he was held at in 1943-43. This page of the site has a 1945 group photograph of him and several of his fellow POWs:

It's noteworthy that in the official British POW listings, Pte Hindmarch's surname is often mis-spelled as 'Hindmarsh'

As ever, there's plenty of hidden history in this photograph. Any and all further details welcome.

'New' Name Added to 1940 16 DLI Recruits Photograph

Pte J R Richardson, 4465653, is notable as the first fatal combat casualty suffered by the 16 DLI--he was killed in an air raid while on leave in South Shields in April 1941. He has now been identified by a close relative on the 1940 16 DLI Recruits photograph here:

Also new to the site is a photograph of his grave:

'New' Name Added to 1942 D Coy Photograph

One of the main reasons I put this web site together was in a bid to unlock some of the secrets of the several 1942 group photographs of the Battalion which were taken in 1942 before the unit went abroad.

Five of these are currently on the site: the Officers; the Sergeants; B Coy; D Coy; and the Mortar Platoon, with work-in-progress captions built up for all of these with information supplied by the 16 DLI veterans I interviewed in the late 1990s and early 2000s (sadly all now deceased) and various relatives of 16th DLI soldiers who have been in touch since the web site was first published in 2004.

To all those who have helped with this so far, many thanks.

As I've remarked in several other places on the site and on this blog, the 1942 photographs of 'A' Coy, 'C' Coy and all the platoons of HQ Coy bar the Mortar Platoon, are still lost to DLI history. Where are they?

Also, of the group photographs taken while the unit was in the Middle East in early 1944, only the photographs of HQ Coy, C Coy and the Signal Platoon, which are on the site, seem to have survived. Where are the others?

If you have any of these, let me know!

The World War Two era is now passing into beyond living memory, but it is possible even now for identities to be fixed by close relatives. This is the latest example:

Pte Clement Ross Ackroyd, 4470369, from Oldham, who was reported wounded and missing at Sedjenane, Tunisia 27/2/43 and who became a POW in Italy and Germany in 1943-45, has now now been placed by a relative on the 1942 D Coy photograph here:

16 DLI Carrier Platoon, Updated Photo Caption, 1945

The 1945 photograph of the 16 DLI Carrier Platoon on this page of the site:

has now been updated with a new caption which identifies many of the men featured. The annotated version of the photograph can be seen here:

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DLI Other Ranks Army Numbers 1939-45

I've now done a major revamp on the DLI Army Numbers section of the website and added a consecutive listing of known DLI fatal casualties, POWs and gallantry awards for DLI Other Ranks who were assigned the eight figure, 14200001 and upwards, Army General Service numbers, which were introduced in mid-1942. This section begins here:

Consecutive General Service Durham Light Infantry Numbers, Fatal Casualties, Prisoners of War and known Gallantry Awards, 1942-1947.

I've also updated the landing page for the DLI Numbers section of the site and added a series of new links to existing sections, which should make it easier for novice DLI researchers to put a specific DLI World War Two Other Ranks Army number in context. The new landing page is here:

Other Ranks WW2 Consecutive DLI Numbers

Saturday, 16 May 2015

16th Bn DLI Old Comrades’ Association, 1945, Name and Address List

I've now transcribed the 1945 16 DLI Old Comrades' Association name and address booklet which was printed in Austria in 1945 and which contains the names and home addresses of over 600 officers and men who were serving with the 16th DLI in the immediate aftermath of WW2. I've also cross-referenced this with the two later editions of the booklet,1946 & 1947, which add many further names, into one unified listing.

Many of these names also feature as part of various photo captions elsewhere on the site, but many more do not.

Help in matching these names to photographs already on the site and any and all further information about these soldiers gratefully received.

I am especially keen on placing more men who were with the battalion from the start in 1940 and also those who joined as reinforcements from other DLI battalions in 1943-44.

The booklet index page starts here: