Saturday 2 July 2011

German POW Numbers Circa 139000 and 153000

The latest addition to the site is an updated sequence of consecutively arranged German POW numbers assigned to British Army Other Ranks arriving from Italy in September 1943. As before, I am concentrating on DLI men but I have included a sampling of men from other units, particularly those with adjacent numbers to the DLI soldiers.

The numbers in the 139000 sequence include that assigned to to my father's friend and platoon mate Norman Cook, who was with him in Camp PG 53 and who is mentioned in almost all of his surviving correspondence from that era. Also included are B Coy 16 DLI Sergeants Gascoyne and Greaves, who, with adjacent POW numbers, obviously stuck together during their time as POWs.

The numbers in the the 153000 sequence also include several 16th DLI Sedjenane POWs, including Sgt Charles Bray, ex-D Company, Sgt David Friswell and Syd Shutt, ex-B Coy, of Thornley Co Durham.

The 139000 sequence begins on this page:

And the 153000 sequence on this page:

All of these men were at Camp PG 53 prior to their transfer to Germany.

Friday 1 July 2011

16 DLI Signal Platoon 1945, New Detailed Caption

There's been a 1945 photograph of some of the Other Ranks of the 16 DLI Signal Platoon on the site for a while now. I've now updated it with a full listing of names, courtesy of information supplied by the daughter of Pte T H Gaffney, who joined the Battalion as part of a reinforcement draft in early March 1943.

The new updated caption is on this page: