Saturday 16 May 2015

16th Bn DLI Old Comrades’ Association, 1945, Name and Address List

I've now transcribed the 1945 16 DLI Old Comrades' Association name and address booklet which was printed in Austria in 1945 and which contains the names and home addresses of over 600 officers and men who were serving with the 16th DLI in the immediate aftermath of WW2. I've also cross-referenced this with the two later editions of the booklet,1946 & 1947, which add many further names, into one unified listing.

Many of these names also feature as part of various photo captions elsewhere on the site, but many more do not.

Help in matching these names to photographs already on the site and any and all further information about these soldiers gratefully received.

I am especially keen on placing more men who were with the battalion from the start in 1940 and also those who joined as reinforcements from other DLI battalions in 1943-44.

The booklet index page starts here:

16 DLI Guestbook, Missing in Action

The 'Freebok' guest book I have been using for my 16 DLI and 16 DLI POWs websites since 2004 has suddenly disappeared as of 3/15. I'm considering installing a replacement, but in the meantime, any interested parties can contact me direct with any 16 DLI queries and comments at:

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