Thursday 19 February 2009

B Company, 16 DLI, Greece 1945

Hmm, where have the last 18 months gone? I've finally got back to updating my 16 DLI website, after spending most of 2008 working with the Wheatley Hill History Club on their book about local people from the three villages of Thornley, Wheatley Hill and Ludworth in World War Two.

Here's a link to the cover of the book:

And here's a link to a picture of myself (on the right, looking like a refugee from a Seventies folk concert) and fellow toilers Fred Bromilow and Owen Rowland with local MP Phil Wilson at the book launch in Wheatley Hill Working Men's Club back in September 2008:

Now back to the 16th DLI. Latest additions to the site are much better quality right, left and centre enlargements of the 1945 B Company photograph which was taken in Greece. I purchased an original print of the photo on Ebay recently and it's scanned in very well. It should be possible now to recognise individual faces on this picture. It would be great to get a decent caption compiled, so if anyone reading this recognises themselves or a relative please get in touch.

Here's the link to the web page:

In the latest update I have also added more photos and documents relating to the career of Norman Bland, who was wounded while serving with B Company, 16 DLI in April 1943. These are the links to these new pages:

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