Thursday 2 September 2010

WW2 DLI POW Numbers Arranged Consecutively

I'm steadily adding more British Army POW numbers in consecutive sequence to the website, concentrating on Durham Light Infantry soldiers and specifically those who were transported from Italy to Germany in September 1943: namely numbers in the sequences 139000, 155000 and 222000 and upwards, who were packed off to various camps in Germany from Camps PG 53, PG 70 and PG 82.

I've also added a new section which lists a selection of DLI POWs consecutively according to their German POW number.

These POW numbers begin lower than 100 and extend to over 295000, though obviously only a small sampling is included at present. This sequence can be accessed from this page:

I've also just added a word index list search feature to the site, courtesy of Freefind, which allows every word in the site to be seen and searched in alphabetical order. This can be accessed from bottom left of the

web site home page

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