Saturday 16 May 2015

16 DLI Guestbook, Missing in Action

The 'Freebok' guest book I have been using for my 16 DLI and 16 DLI POWs websites since 2004 has suddenly disappeared as of 3/15. I'm considering installing a replacement, but in the meantime, any interested parties can contact me direct with any 16 DLI queries and comments at:

Or leave a comment on this blog.


UKViewer said...

Good to revisit your site and review the Story of Danny Feasey, my Uncle.

I'm still waiting for his Army Records as I'm not his direct next of kin, I can't apply for them myself.

Hopefully, I will be able to get them and identity the A Coy query for you.

Unknown said...

Have had a good read of your site very very interesting . My Father - in - law served in the 16 Batt DLI and was captured and wounded at PHALERON along with 40+ others . I can find NO reference to this anywhere on the site . we are trying to gather as much info on his war time service as poss as he would not say a lot about his war experiences when he was alive , any help would be appreciated Have very little info on him any would help . Cpl Fred Bate 4465778 from Hartlepool

Tom Tunney said...

Hello Richard, by chance just updated the site with your father-in-law's name here:

From his number, he must have been with the 16th DLI from the start in 1940. See also this new page:

He was in the Old Comrade's Association from the start in 1945. The POWs were released after about a month.

There is mention of the incident on this page:

I've got quite a bit of information on the incident. Email me at

If you've got any photos of him in uniform, I'd be keen to put them on the site.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Tunney

Unknown said...

Hi Thomas, I was hoping you might be able to help, I'm looking for some information on my great uncle Pete Joseph Leslie Tomlinson, he's my nannas brother, buried in Salerno, we only have one picture of him at the minute and I've been scrolling through trying to piece together information on him for her before we take a trip to Salerno in march.