Wednesday 12 August 2015

DLI Other Ranks Army Numbers 1939-45

I've now done a major revamp on the DLI Army Numbers section of the website and added a consecutive listing of known DLI fatal casualties, POWs and gallantry awards for DLI Other Ranks who were assigned the eight figure, 14200001 and upwards, Army General Service numbers, which were introduced in mid-1942. This section begins here:

Consecutive General Service Durham Light Infantry Numbers, Fatal Casualties, Prisoners of War and known Gallantry Awards, 1942-1947.

I've also updated the landing page for the DLI Numbers section of the site and added a series of new links to existing sections, which should make it easier for novice DLI researchers to put a specific DLI World War Two Other Ranks Army number in context. The new landing page is here:

Other Ranks WW2 Consecutive DLI Numbers

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